Announcement丨kahf wallet temporary maintenance

【Announcement】kahf wallet temporary maintenance

At noon on January 3, 2020, some users reported that they could not access the wallet normally. After emergency troubleshooting by technical team, it was found that the wallet could not be accessed due to the temporary failure of the server. In order to better serve users, technical team have upgraded the server urgently to solve this problem. It is expected to provide normal service before 24 o’clock tonight. If you need to extend the time, we will inform you later, hope you understand!

Please don’t worry, your assets are safe, the blockchain digital assets are saved on the blockchain, and will not be threatened because the wallet server is abnormal. You just can’t use the current (kahf) wallet’s asset management service on the blockchain.

In addition, if you need asset information query and asset transfer urgently, you can also use PC wallet qitmeer wallet, here is a PC wallet tutorial.

               ---------------- kahf wallet team

【公告】kahf 钱包临时维护通知



此外,如果急需资产信息查询以及资产转移,你还可以使用pc钱包 qitmeer-wallet,这里有一个pc钱包教程

                              ————kahf 钱包团队