Announcing Cross-Chain Group - A Blockchain Interoperability Resource

Announcing Cross-Chain Group - A Blockchain Interoperability Resource

We are thrilled to announce that Summa has partnered with Keep to form Cross-Chain Group; a working group focused on furthering blockchain interoperability.

Cross-Chain Group is an industry resource dedicated to promoting the research, design, and implementation of cross-chain technology through collaboration, development, and educational events. By working closely with projects, chains, and technologists at the forefront of blockchain interoperability, we hope to drive innovation that leads to a more functional and robust ecosystem.

At Summa, we build cross-chain architecture and interoperability solutions that break the silos between chains, allowing liquidity, users, and value to flow more freely throughout the ecosystem. Our work on Stateless SPVs, Blake2b support in Ethereum (EIP-152), and Zcash MMR’s (ZIP-221) all promise to help bridge the gap, bringing some of the largest chains closer together.

“The initiative brings together two like-minded teams that want to see the industry mature through collaboration and connectivity,” said Matt Luongo, Project Lead at Keep. “Working with Summa and their cross-chain architecture means we can address more users on more chains. We look forward to bringing other teams into the fold who share this vision.”

Keep, a chain-agnostic provider of privacy technology for public chains, has shown tremendous dedication towards driving interoperability. Our shared vision of a fully interoperable ecosystem made them a natural partner for us. We’re working closely with their team to build the cross-chain solutions necessary to bring privacy to all chains and will share additional details as they become available.

“Partnering with Keep was a natural fit. Their tECDSA work allows smart contracts to write to the Bitcoin chain, which complements our read-optimized SPV work,” said James Prestwich, Co-founder of Summa. “Together, our technologies enable a wide array of interoperability use cases.”

Meaningful discussion, collaboration, and alignment between companies will drive innovation in interoperability and lead to more functional and user-friendly solutions. While Cross-Chain Group is currently invite-only, we would love to hear from projects, investors, and members of the community about the work they’re doing in interoperability and the ways that we can support them.

If you’re working on solutions that further cross-chain interoperability, please reach out at

We’ll be continuing the conversation on interoperability next week with our new series, Blockchain Interoperability & Cross-Chain Communication. Until then, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter to ask questions and learn more.

Summa is a provider of cross-chain architecture and interoperability as a service solutions. The company is led by a team of blockchain experts who have founded, contributed to, and advised on many of the most predominant projects in the space. Summa’s investors include Polychain Capital, INBlockchain, and Kilowatt Capital.

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