Focus of Qitmeer

Qitmeer ecosystem focuses on ethical finance and financial Inclusion – Since the initial inception of Qitmeer project, the business proposition is to satisfy the niche market of socially responsible banking, insurance and investment, and the Islamic Finance Industry, which aims to undertake the tokenization of trillions of dollar assets.

Unique mintage mechanism of reserving base currency for asset tokenization –The tokenization of assets on Qitmeer requires a reserve of base currency Meer which restricts the speculation and prevents malicious activities; thereby optimizing Shari ah-compliance of Islamic Finance, which gives rises to an equitable and sustainable ecosystem.

Qitmeer aims to act as the guardian for the core financial ethics values – Prophet Muhammad, prohibited speculations and Usury(Riba) immediately, and this philosophy eventually became the cornerstone of the Islamic economy.

Islamic banking is a banking system that is based on the principles of Islamic or Sharia law which does not encourage interest ( non- interest banking ) and guided or governed by Islamic economics.

The Islamic financial sector has experienced substantial developments in the new century and has grown very rapidly both in size and number of institution. With this requirement, Islamic banking has been continuously developing new Shariah compliant products that both alter their ability to compete with conventional banks and alter their risk taking and risk mitigation profile.


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