HalalChain Qitmeer 2018-05-11

Business cooperation ( 商务合作)

HalalChain and Al Kabeer Group Announce Pilot Project Partnership

Dubai (UAE), 29 April 2018:

HLC Technologies is pleased to announce a pilot project partnership with Al Kabeer Group, one of the leading food processors and packers manufacturers in GCC region.

The data is collected through HLC Technologies solution that is based on blockchain technology and IoT devices, insuring transparency, accuracy and authenticity of the data collected.

HLC Listed on Dubaiex Exchange Announcement

HLC deposits are available on dubaiex.com

Please check more information as below:

When you deposit HLC tokens to the exchange, the bonus received will be a locked for period of three-month, after which it can be freely withdrawn.

Your initial deposit is not subject to the above restriction and can be freely withdrawn anytime.

Notice: The complimentary awards token depends on the total number of HLC in your exchange accounts after three months. (For example, after three months, if you deposit 100,000 HLC in your exchange account, the complimentary awards token will be 5000 HLC; but if you withdraw some HLC, and deposit left 50,000 HLC in your exchange account, the complimentary awards token will be only 2,500 HLC.)

HalalChain 和Al Kabeer集团双方达成战略合作并进行试点


HLC Technologies很高兴的宣布与海湾合作委员会地区领先的食品加工商,和包装制造商之一的Al Kabeer集团建立试点项目合作关系。

通过HLC Technologies提供的解决方案,数据通过基于区块链技术和物联网设备的收集,确保收集数据的透明度,准确性和真实性。




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Project progress ( 项目进展)

Underlying System

  1. Low frequency RFID tags and related reading card equipment have been made available for production. Software and hardware integration scheme for microwave level RFID tags are preliminaries completed and the test work will be expected to start next week.

  2. Low frequency RFID related IoT equipment and client APP has been put into pilot enterprises for trial.

  3. Start the performance optimization and development of the chain on high concurrent data, and it is scheduled for completion within two weeks.

  4. The research and development demonstration of the internet-connected devices related to the sensor, including temperature, humidity and acceleration sensor, etc, which are used for animal environment detection, step counting and so on.

  5. Distributed storage of auxiliary information such as pictures and video has been prepared and is being tested comprehensively.

  6. The function and performance verification of IPFS is ongoing, and preliminary verification results are expected at the end of may.


1.The upgrade version of the block chain browser has completed the code development, supporting the data entry of the original web prototype product (demo.hlc.com) and the comprehensive query of the APP page data entry (e.hlc.com). The test work is carried out and is supposed to be issued within a week.

  1. The product traceability inquiry function has been completed within the internal testing, and the product information tracing of the two methods of QR code and NFC is supported, and it is expected to be officially released in a week. Including commodity definition, chain data association, trace source management, mobile device scanning code query, and so on.

  2. The herding APP has been developed and tested and put into production environment test. Support for the feeding, feeding, column and loss operation of the animals.

  3. The anti-epidemic APP has been drawn up and tested and put into production environment test. To support epidemic prevention, quarantine and treatment of aquaculture animals.

  4. The company has made progress in business development and started the strategic cooperation with Inner Mongolia tongliao ranch. The research and development of relevant customized programs have been launched and will be announced to the community in the near future.


1、 低频RFID标签及相关的读卡设备已投入量产。初步完成微波级RFID标签的软硬件集成方案,预计下周启动测试工作。

2、 低频RFID相关的物联网设备、客户端APP已投入到试点企业进行试用。

3、 启动高并发数据上链的性能优化研发,预计两周内完成。

4、 已开始传感器相关的物联网设备的方案研发论证,包括温度、湿度、加速度传感器等,用于动物环境检测、步数统计等。

5、 图片、视频等辅助信息的分布式存储已完成开发,正在综合测试。

6、 IPFS的功能及性能验证在持续进行中,预计5月底有初步验证结果。


1、 升级版的区块链浏览器已完成代码开发,支持原有web原型产品的数据录取 (demo.hlc.com)与APP页面数据录入的综合查询(e.hlc.com)。测试工作进行中,预计一周内发版。

2、 商品溯源查询功能已内部测试完成,支持二维码、NFC两种方式的商品信息溯源查询,预计一周内正式对外发布。包括商品定义、链上数据关联、溯源码管理、移动设备扫码查询等。

3、 牧户端APP已开发测试完成,投入到生产环境测试。支持牧户对养殖动物的入栏、喂养、出栏、灭失操作。

4、 防疫端APP已开发测试完成,投入到生产环境测试。支持防疫员对养殖动物的防疫、检疫、治疗操作。

5、 公司的业务拓展工作进展良好,启动与内蒙古通辽牧场的战略合作工作。相关的定制化方案研发已经启动,近期将对社区隆重宣布。