HalalChain Qitmeer 2018-06-08


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Project progress

Underlying System

  1. Based on microwave-level RFID technology and built-in accelerometer, the cattle-and-sheep plug-in collar has been designed, and the design result is an active data outbound terminal with built-in battery. Data transmission within 50 meters can be realized, data communication frequency can be set by itself, outgoing data content includes electronic tag ID information, animal motion step information.

  2. The pilot production work of the collar has recently started, and the follow-up work is to carry out comprehensive equipment testing and design adjustment after completion of trial production.

  3. Initiate the design and development of low-frequency RFID mid-range readers.

  4. Based on previous investigations, the core code development of the integrated IPFS traceability platform was completed, and auxiliary information such as pictures and videos was distributed and stored.

  5. The framework design work for BaaS (blockchain and service) is well underway. This week’s work is a product prototype demonstration: face the scenes of various industries, meet the individual needs of users, and develop, test, and deploy quickly for users based on blockchain. Provide a complete set of enterprise-level solutions. Related prototype demonstrations and discussions are expected to be completed within a week.


  1. The product research and system design work of the unified product traceability platform has been successfully launched, covering the data layer, network layer, smart contracts, application systems, etc., to create a unified traceability platform. Application developers and industry users can customize and apply to themselves based on this platform.

  2. Completely combing and developing OpenAPI and Dapps of the platform through abstract commodity information, process configuration, and standardization of business operation guidance.

  3. The projects that were mainly promoted last week include Indonesian poultry breeding and education industry points system.