HalalChain Qitmeer 2018-06-15


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Project progress Underlying System

  1. The design and development work of the low-frequency RFID middle distance reader was started. The relevant design parameters were: operating frequency 134.2 KHz, applicable standard ISO11784/FDX-B, data acquisition distance 35 cm or more, communication interface RS232/RS485.

  2. In combination with existing sensor devices, the application of low power wide area network (LPWAN) is verified in the traceability. In the next three weeks, LoRa’s equipment research, network management research, and sensor integration program research will be completed. It is hoped that LoRa will complete the basic program preparation for blockchain agriculture and blockchain animal husbandry through the above-mentioned work.

  3. Completed the comprehensive data storage solution of Fabric Hybrid IPFS, and the relevant code system testing. Implementation strategies for asset attributes stored on the blockchain, large text and images, video information stored by IPFS

  4. The framework design of BaaS (blockchain and service) has progressed smoothly and completed the competitive advantage analysis of at least three benchmark projects. The demonstration of the project is still in progress. Currently, the functions to be promoted include the one-click construction of the blockchain test environment, one-click installation of smart contracts, and presentation of software and hardware operation status. Product prototype verification is still in progress and is expected to be completed within the next week and 2 weeks.


  1. The progress of product research and system design for the unified product traceability platform. The current work is mainly model customer research, abstraction of typical scenes, and sorting of core fields. The functions in the design cover the data layer, network layer, smart contracts, application systems, etc., and create a unified traceability platform. Based on this platform, application developers and industry users can customize the product traceability system suitable for their own industry.

  2. The development of OpenAPI’s design is reviewed, with the core purpose of abstracting product information, process configuration, business operations, etc. The preparation of related programs is in progress. It is expected that project review will start next week.

  3. The projects that were promoted last week include China’s supply chain financial system and Dubai government-related projects.