HalalChain Qitmeer 2018-06-21

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2、为更好的提升性能以满足业务需要,后续将对区块链浏览器、Fabric底层智能合约做优化升级,预计包括:Fabric SDK升级、链码上的通用性字段扩容、区块链浏览器的React框架升级等。







Project progress

Underlying System

  1. The design of the low-frequency RFID medium-range reader is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed in one week; the low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) scheme verification is progressing well and hardware selection has been completed.

  2. In order to better improve performance to meet business needs, the follow-up will optimize and upgrade the blockchain browser and the underlying smart contract of the fabric. It is expected to include: upgrade of the Fabric SDK, expansion of common fields on the chain code, and the react framework upgrades of the blockchain browser.

  3. The preliminary design of the BaaS (blockchain and service) framework design completion project is expected to include:

Project creation: custom projects, organizations, number of nodes, node servers, consensus servers, etc.

Chain creation: custom channels, smart contract upload, automated deployment, etc.

Software monitoring of the running project (commit status, deployment status, chain code running status, etc.), hardware status monitoring;

BaaS project exclusive browser, external call unified interface, etc.;


  1. The product research and system design work for the unified product traceability platform has progressed smoothly, and model customer surveys have been completed for the farming and animal husbandry and cash crop growing industries. It is expected that the typical scenario investigation will continue for two weeks, and it will enter the product function design stage after completion.

  2. Completed the program evaluation and development of OpenAPI’s product features.The code development will be started next week.

  3. The HLC technical staff participated in the blockchain development contest of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and won the Excellence Award.

  4. Cooperation project: Indonesia QL company negotiates the blockchain traceability project and plans to implement it in its chicken farm and McDonald’s chicken supply factory. Preliminary technical proposals for the project have been provided; In contact with China’s wildlife life-cycle traceability project.