HLC Burning Program Announcement

2019, Oct 27th

HLC Foundation would like hereby officially announce that QITMEER public chain test network will be launching soon. In order to encourage more miner to join QITMEER mining, HLC Foundation intends to handle all HLC TOKENs currently managed by the company, and accept community supervision until the QITMEER public chain is mapped.

The specific quantity and lock account information is as follows:

1.HLC Foundation holds 200 million HLCs and its storage address is:


2.HLC Foundation holds 180 million HLCs for the construction of commercial ecology and its storage address is:


3.HLC Foundation holds 0.70368802 million HLCs for the community establishment and its storage address is:


The above three addresses total 4.50368802 billion HLC and will be locked before the main network mapping.

In addition, the Foundation will immediately launch the HLC token burning program in the test network economic model, which will be a milestone for the transformation of HLC and the development of the Qitmeer test network. This is an important historical moment for all the users of the community to participate in the decision-making, and it is also the beginning of the joint governance of the HLC Foundation with the community.

In order to ensure the interests of community users, HLC Foundation promises that it will continue to promote the Qitmeer test network and ensure that Qitmeer main network will be launched. During the period, if there is the irresistible cause, the interests of users who destroy HLC TOKEN are damaged, HLC Foundation will use the 250 million HLC TOKEN of the locked position as the standby pass.

HLC Foundation has been committed to building an excellent public chain QITMEER for ethical finance and inclusive finance.

HLC Foundation has the determination and confidence to work with community users to achieve this goal.

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