HLC Improved volume and increased price

On Feb. 12, the crypto market achieved a new milestone by climbing above the $300 billion market capitalization mark for the first time in 6-months.

Qitmeer (HLC) price and volume increased drastically between this period which caught eyes of investors and traders on the trading activities on ZB.com exchange.

Qitmeer is the next generation public chain based on BlockDAG which is dedicated to serving the ecosystem of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible investment, thereby enhancing financial inclusion and creating social impact.

In contrast to the competition model, BlockDAG’s collaboration model in the mining achieves a desirable balance of typical blockchain metrics among the security, openness, fairness and scalability.

Qitmeer adopts a classic POW consensus and UTXO data model and designs a unique asset issuing mechanism which requires the reserve of native currency, which is in line with core ethical financial values.

Qitmeer testnet coin PMEER was recently launched for trading on CITEX exchange and the price have been doing well.