How to start Qitmeer mining

Qtmeer is a public chain based on the PoW consensus,which uses GPU to mine. The selected Cuckoo-Cycle-PoW has fairness and energy saving.

The qitmeer test network supports three kinds of pow (blake2bd|cuckaroo|cuckatoo) mixed mining, which accounts for 10%, 70% and 20% respectively. Among them, cuckaroo has the largest proportion and the smallest initial difficulty. It is an anti ASIC algorithm, which is suitable for mass mining. The other is the non ASIC resistant Cuckoo-Cycle algorithm and the classic pow blake2bd, which is more difficult to test.

Graph Search Rate — — GPS

GPS, graphs per second, refers to the number of graphs that can be found per second. It is a computing power index specially used to measure the graph operation of the Cuckoo-Cycle algorithm, that is, the number of rings found in a certain edge bit configuration per second that match the criteria. For example, 2gps means 2 are found per second.

At present, the default edge index to mining with cuckaroo is edge_bits = 24. When the edge index increases by 1, the hash difficulty required will be reduced by 2–3 times. At the same time, the graph search rate (GPS) of the local machine will also be reduced by 2–3 times. The larger the edge index, the larger the GPU memory required.

Coinbase Block Maturity Time

In the Qitmeer test network, the maturity time of coinbase transaction block is 720 blocks, 30 seconds a block, and the maturity time of coinbase transaction is about 6 hours. That is to say, the new block you mine needs to wait for 720 blocks before it can be used.

Hardware Preparation

To participate in the mining of Qitmeer test network, you need to prepare a device with independent Graphics Processing Unit, install the OpenCL driver, and NVIDIA card is recommended to install CUDA. The performance of the Graphics Processing Unit is recommended to be GTX1060 or above, and the memory capacity is recommended to be 5G or above.

Software Preparation

There are two ways to participate in the mining of qitmeer test network, one is solo mining, the other is pool mining. For solo mining, you need to have a node first (qitmeer), and then you need to have a mining software (qitmeer-miner).

  • Node preparation

Official download: qitmeer/releases, there are compiled files in the ZIP. You can also compile out an execution program naming qitmeer just use the command ‘go build’. The compilation environment requirements are: go (version > = 1.12) and git tool. To update, you just need to use ‘git pull’ command, then compile again.

  • Qitmeer-miner preparation

Official download: qitmeer miner, there are compiled files in the ZIP.

Nodes and miner can also be downloaded through Baidu online disk. See qitmeer solo mining tutorial.