Mining Made Easy on Qitmeer Network through Qitmeer pool

Mining Made Easy with Qitmeer pool At Qitmeer pool all Mining enthusiasts all over the world can identify with the pool, it’s easy to automine coins with a good exchange rate and squeeze the most profit out of your mining hardware. Qitmeer is using direct acyclic graph technology and therefore has no fees to transact and no scaling limitations; the network transaction speed grows with activity. A DAG is not a novel concept or technology, and it is definitely not a consensus mechanism; it is purely a mathematical structure originating from centuries ago. Technically, a DAG is a graph with directed edges and no cycles (i.e., there is no path from a vertex back to itself). In the context of distributed ledgers, a blockDAG is a DAG whose vertices represent blocks and whose edges represent references from blocks to their predecessors. Qitmeer Pool is also a Proof-of-Work blockchain consensus, with comprehensive digital currency mining pool in which difficulty in this network is constantly redesign. It’s Committed to providing miners with a more friendly operating rich experience, and transparent mining benefits. At Qitmeer you can withdraw profit to your wallet, Store coins on your account or transfer them to your wallet. You can withdraw mined coins every day with no hindrance. It is focused on end-user confidentiality and untraceability of transactions. Qitmeer mining Support PPS, PPLNS, PPS+, etc. With low commission fee, open and transparent transaction, with real time user. Qitmeer mining pool and mining software is designed to cover every miner needs, miner calculation data is available, from easy GUI & console mining software to friendly community (forum & chat and professional 24/7 stable support service. Setting up a mining rig can be a bit challenging, especially for individuals that are doing it for the first time, but with Qitmeer mining made very easy. Although Depending on your level of experience with computers and computing in general, keep in mind that the most useful computing resource needed is the graphics card. Although your processor, storage, and memory can also come in handy, it is advisable that you have a very high GPU. As someone who is trying to set up a decent mining rig for the first time, your goal should be to spend an as little amount of money as possible, while you focus on maximizing your hash rate and this can be done through the Qitmeer mining pool. Here is the link to Qitmeer pool :point_right:[]

About the Qitmeer Network Qitmeer uses openness, fairness, fault tolerance, and scalability as core metrics for evaluating a promising blockchain paradigm. The Qitmeer consensus conforms to the classic blockchain setting and is free to enter and exit the network through a workload proofing mechanism. DAG Ledger’s collaborative model ensures that miners receive rewards consistent with their dedication, with the same security features as Bitcoin, 50% error tolerance, strong scalability, and performance limited by physical networks. In addition to the consensus algorithm, the mining algorithm itself is an important source of fairness.