Pmeer and ZG.COM reach cooperation and will be listing soon

It is reported that Pmeer announced cooperation with ZG.COM and will launch ZG.COM transactions in the near future. The two parties will cooperate in terms of community traffic, online activities, media announcements, etc., and are committed to creating a practical blockchain project.

Pmeer is the token of Qitmeer Medina Network. There is no pre-mining. All tokens are generated by community POW mining. Qitmeer is a new generation of public chain supported by Block DAG technology and the first public chain focusing on inclusive finance and ethical finance. After Qitmeer’s mainnet is launched, Pmeer will all map to the mainnet.

ZG.COM is a global digital asset trading platform strategically invested by Bitcoin China, which has ranked among the top 20 in the global exchange comprehensive ranking. Its headquarters is located in Singapore, and it also has offices in South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries.

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