Qitmeer network Classical Blockchain Setting

Too many blockchain mutants and each has its definition of blockchain. Qitmeer respects bitcoin’s vision, Qitmeer templates is composed of 4 components and which is it Classical Blockchain Setting that makes it blockchain superior. Which are the following;

  1. Openess Qitmeer is an open network; it uses proof-of-work to join the network freely and use BlockDAG protocol to avoid the risk of mining pools centralization. Openness is the critical diference between permissioned and permissionless blockchain, so every node should join and leave the network freely.

  2. Proof of Work Proof-of-Work is the openest way so far to join a blockchain network because the only resources required to contribute to is electricity, which every node has owned. Besides, this resource is physical; in other words, it is non-duplicatable.

  3. No Predefined Nodes Qitmeer doesn’t have predefined special nodes, i.e. super nodes. An open network allows different role, in the bitcoin network, nodes could choose to be an SPV node, full node or miner with freedom, at Qitmeer no special nodes.

  4. Fairness BlockDAG is fair because it is a collaboration model other the competition model of blockchain.

These classical blockchain setting gave the Qitmeer network edge in the space and the improvement on the network has been expectational.

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