Qitmeer Network Development Report(2022/3/11-2022/4/7)

Qitmeer Network Development Report

  • Qitmeer Umayyad 1.0 “多数者博弈”游戏第六期于主链高度 540000(order= 608344)截止,总锁仓量达到 4542156.67223799 meer,质押率 42.06%

    • 守护池和荣耀池锁仓总量分别为 2275015.28510434 meer 和 2267141.38713365 meer,守护池基础收益率最低 2.65%(合年化 31.8%),最高达到 13.26%(合年化 159.12%);荣耀池基础收益率最低 2.57%(合年化 30.84%),最高达到 12.85%(合年化 154.2%)。

    • 第六期共计新增锁仓量 1176494.45075050meer,其中守护池 653002.09370750 meer,荣耀池 523492.357043 meer。

    • 第六期竞争激励获得者为守护池,额外获得竞争激励 75600 meer,附加收益率约为 11.58%。

  • 目前, “多数者博弈”游戏第七期即将进入第2时段,截止到区块 622000,锁仓总量达到了 4703351.95276998 meer,当前质押率为 37.33%。已达到第一阈值。

    • 守护池新增锁仓量 120105.10 meer,荣耀池新增锁仓量 41090.18053199 meer,总计新增 161195.28053199 meer。

    • 当前状态下,守护池基础收益率为 8.12%(合年化 97.44%);荣耀池基础收益率为 8.42%(合年化 101.04%)。



Qitmeer Network Development Report


  • The sixth period of Qitmeer Umayyad 1.0 “Majority Game” has ended at the main height of 540000(order=608344), with a total lock-up amount of 4542156.67223799 meer and a staking rate of 42.06%.

    • The total locking amount of Guard Pool and Honor Pool are 2275015.28510434 meer and 2267141.38713365 meer respectively, with a minimum base profit of 2.65% (31.8% annualized) and a maximum of 13.26% (159.12% annualized) in the Guard Pool and a minimum base profit of 2.57% (30.84% annualized) and a maximum of 12.85% (154.2% annualized) in the Honor Pool.

    • The total newly added amount is 1176494.45075050 meer in the sixth period, and the Guard Pool is 653002.0937075 meer, the Honor Pool is 523492.357043 meer.

    • The competitive incentive winner of the sixth period was the Honor Pool, which received an additional competitive incentive of 64800 meer with an additional return of approximately 11.58%.

  • At present, the seventh period of the “Majority Game” is about to enter the second phase, and as of block 622000, the total locking amount has reached 4703351.95276998 meer, with a current staking rate of 37.33%. The first threshold has been reached.

    • The Guard Pool newly added 120105.10 meer and the Honor Pool added 41090.18053199 meer, for a total of 161195.28053199 meer.

    • In its current status, the Guardian Pool has a base return of 8.12% (97.44% annualized) ; the Honor Pool has a base return of 8.42% (101.04% annualized) .

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