Qitmeer Network Development Report(2022/5/6-2022/6/2)

Qitmeer Network Development Report


1. 社区

  • 关于EVM上线问题,EVM上线需满足以下要求:




2. 锁仓

  • Qitmeer Umayyad 1.0 “多数者博弈”游戏第八期于主链高度 720000(order=808079)截止,总锁仓量达到 6646973.90021098 meer,质押率 46.16% 。第八期共计新增锁仓量 1247696.7146125 meer,其中守护池 684316.8336125 meer,荣耀池 563379.881 meer。第八期竞争激励获得者为守护池,额外获得竞争激励 97200 meer,附加收益率约为 14.2%。

  • 目前, “多数者博弈”游戏第九期处于第2时段,截止到区块 834500,锁仓总量达到了 7211204.49921098 meer,当前质押率为 44.51%。已达到第二阈值,若锁仓总量再增加 88.8 万meer,将达到 50% 的质押率获得最高激励,届时,单仓基础奖励将由当前的 388800meer 增加到 486000 meer。守护池新增锁仓量 293112.429 meer,荣耀池新增锁仓量 271118.17 meer,总计新增 564230.599 meer。


近期主要技术进展:EVM 集成深度测试;DAPP 部署测试;kahf 钱包更新测试;优化 P2P 传输协议,提高节点同步效率。


Qitmeer Network Development Report


1. Community

  • With regard to the launch of EVM, the launch of EVM shall meet the following requirements:

    (1) Technically, the network operation security should be ensured through repeated tests to ensure that user assets are not lost.

    (2) Operationally, adequate resource allocation and operational support are required before each ecological project is migrated back to the main network.

    The EVM will be officially launched after the technical testing and operational status meet the launch criteria.

2. Staking

  • The eighth period of Qitmeer Umayyad 1.0 “Majority Game” has ended at the main height of 720000(order=808079), with a total lock-up amount of 6646973.90021098 meer and a staking rate of 46.16%. The total newly added amount is 1247696.7146125 meer in the eighth period, and the Guard Pool is 684316.8336125 meer, the Honor Pool is 563379.881 meer. The competitive incentive winner of the eighth period was the Guard Pool, which received an additional competitive incentive of 97200 meer with an additional return of approximately 14.2%.

  • At present, the eighth period of the “Majority Game” is the second phase, and as of block 834500, the total locking amount has reached 7211204.49921098 meer, with a current staking rate of 44.51%. The second threshold has been reached, if the total lock amount increases by another 888000 meer, the staking rate will reach 50% and obtain the full incentive, at that time, the single pool basic incentive will increase from the current 388800 meer to 486000 meer. The Guard Pool newly added 293112.429 and the Honor Pool added 271118.17 meer, for a total of 564230.599 meer.

Project Development Progress

Recent major development progress: EVM integration depth test; DAPP deployment test; kahf wallet update test; optimize P2P transmission protocol to improve node synchronization efficiency.

Core Code Update

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