Qitmeer Network Enhances Zakat Traceability in Nigeria

Zakat is a mandatory annual arms given from property which zakat is due from it when it reaches nisab. There are challenges facing Zakat management in Nigeria which includes unawareness of Zakat calculation, lack of transparency in collection and distribution of Zakat, lack of Zakat payers’ confidence on their donation and lack of channeling Zakat to the eight groups of people on whom Zakat should be given. The challenges facing by Zakat management led to the failure of Zakat administrative to eradicate poverty in the community and to uplift social welfare in the community.

Qitmeer is the first public chain serving the ecosystem of ethical finance, socially responsible investment and Islamic Finance for enhancing financial inclusion.

Qitmeer network support Zakat management to gain the confidence of the public by ensuring transparency and disclosure of all Zakat activities in term of collection and distribution of Zakat.

The traceability feature in Qitmeer network ensures that the Zakat payers could select what project they would like to use their Zakat for, such as water irrigation, sanitation, poverty eradication and education.

Qitmeer network provides confidence among Zakat payers by ensuring that their Zakat reaches the intended recipients and on the other hand fulfilling the purpose of Zakat.

The key need of transparency in Zakat management in Nigeria is to enhance the confidence of general public to donate Zakat through verified channels instead of giving it to individual who might not eligible to receive Zakat.

Qitmeer network also ensures Zakat data integrity through out all Zakat activities using mathematical model which can not be altered. For the efficient use of Qitmeer network, Kahf wallet will be introduced (E-wallet) at grassroot level which is open, transparent and easily accessible with smartphone for the individual who want to exercise Zakat obligation.

In Conclusion, Qitmeer network will enhance Zakat traceability transparency in collection and distribution of zakat in Nigeria which fulfills the purpose of Zakat in eradicating poverty and uplifting social welfares of people. Qitmeer network addresses all challenges facing by zakat management in Nigeria by ensuring confidence of people to pay zakat and increase collection and distribution of zakat through transparency and traceability.

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