Qitmeer network in brief

The name of Qitmeer stands for our philosophy to restructure financial core value, thought pattern and operation model in the future on the foundation of “ In math we trust”, in alignment with the global megatrends towards decentralization, disintermediation, interest-free and resistance of speculative money creation after the 2008 financial crisis. ( Qitmeer.io )

As an innovative public chain, Qitmeer designs a unique asset issuing mechanism which requires the reserve of native currency, together with the endorsement from stakeholders in a regulated environment, meanwhile it pays attribute to the classic PoW and UXTO model of Bitcoin, which designs a special institutional arrangement to squeeze the speculation in the ecosystem.

Smart Sukuk in Islamic economy is a tokenization by collecting funds from investors in exchange for Sukuk Tokens representing an ownership portion of the Sukuk investment.

The funds are automatically distributed back to the Sukuk Token holders via the blockchain according to the rules of the smart contract in Islamic Economics - without the need of conventional banks or intermediaries.

By investing in the Smart Sukuk, the Token holder (investor) invest their fiat savings to a diversified Sukuk portfolio consisting of Shariah compliance securities with an international investment grade credit rating and a listing on one of the world’s leading stock exchanges. ( Https://qitmeer.io )

This is creative analysis of Qitmeer network and great analysis indeed.

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