Qitmeer serves as financial ethical values

General ethical norms encompass truthfulness, honesty, integrity, respect for others, fairness, and justice. Cryptocurrency and blockchain in general preaches and emphasis on trust, transparency and ease of doing business , which is the ethical value that Qitmeer Network adopts and built upon .

Qitmeer is inspired by revealed civilizations commonly shared by whole humanity. In ancient Syria, a group of seven young believers who took

refuge in a cave to resist the persecution of the regime due to their sincerity of the creator, following which they fell asleep for a period up to 300 years.

All along, a dog named Qitmeer served as the companion and guardian of seven sleepers. Soon after their awakening, the regime has vanished a long time ago, and the sleepers ever since could be able to pursue the holy faith freely, build wealth in a decent manner, and do business fairly.

The name of Qitmeer stands for our philosophy to restructure financial core value, thought pattern and operation model in the future on the foundation of “ In math we trust”, in alignment with the global megatrends towards decentralization, disintermediation, interest-free and resistance of speculative money creation after the 2008 financial crisis. ( Qitmeer.io )

As an innovative public chain, Qitmeer designs a unique asset issuing mechanism which requires the reserve of native currency, together with

the endorsement from stakeholders in a regulated environment, meanwhile it pays attribute to the classic PoW and UXTO model of Bitcoin, which designs a special institutional arrangement to squeeze the speculation in the ecosystem.

  • Meer , the native currency of Qitmeer, acts as the guardian of the spirit” In Math We Trust”.
  • Kahf is the literal translation of Semitic language, and resistance of speculative money creation after the 2008 financial crisis.

Qitmeer and Kahf, these two words with their unique meanings, gain wide popularity in the west and east. Thus, the respective logo will

have been decided by the community through the voting process. Qitmeer.io

About Qitmeer

Qitmeer is the first public chain that is dedicated to serving the ecosystem of ethical finance, socially responsible investment and Islamic Finance, which aims to act as the overall financial infrastructure to seamlessly converge all these areas, thereby enhancing financial inclusion. With the support of HLC Foundation, the R&D of Qitmeer initiated since the beginning of 2018 and then launched the open-source code on GitHub on June 30, 2019. Whereas presently, the name Qitmeer, Meer and Kahf have been newly selected to brand the public chain, coin and wallet respectively.

visit https://www.qitmeer.io/about/ for more information