Qitmeer test network mining competition has been competed

Dear community partners, the Qitmeer test network mining competition started from the height of 18800 to the end of 35000, which took about 5 days. During the period, it received extensive attention from the community. During the competition, the computing power reached 134gps. It provides good computing power for our technical team to test the stability of the DAG ledger data and provides a sufficient basis for the number of blocks to verify the reliability of the DAG consensus and the consistency of the txsvalid status and block order.

The list of winners of this event, the winners of the big lottery, the distribution statistics of the 0.8.1 version of the block, and the content of the 0.8.2 version to be updated, please click the link: https://test.qitmeertalk.org/t/qitmeer/957

A healthy, safe, and stable Pow network cannot be separated from the support and joint maintenance of everyone’s computing power. We will also be able to deliver a reliable and usable network to everyone. Thank you again for your participation! we will also launch more interesting activities, please stay tuned…