Qitmeer Umayyad Network 1.0 Operational Status and Lockup Profit Details (Period 2)

Qitmeer Umayyad Network 1.0 运行状态及收益明细(第二期)


自第一期结束(order=90013),截至到 2021-12-01 14:29:31 达到主链高度180000(order=180616)为止,

  • 全网算力增长较快,最高增加至大约 700TH/s,同比增长约 859%

  • 网络并发有所增加,累积并发率约 3.42‰

  • PoW 产出量 906030 meer,期间累积映射释放量约为 818489 meer,故当期实际产出总量约为 1724519meer,累积总产量约 347万meer

  • 链上交易量约为 5588211 meer,同比增长 80.44%

第二期的结束区块(order=180616,mainHeight=180000)产生于 2021-12-01 14:29:31,在主链高度区间 [90000,180000) 内添加到锁仓池的资金将计入第二期的新增资金中。

在第二期,两个池的新增锁仓总量为 1061463.1744 meer。

  • 守卫池新增锁仓量为 479932.5297 meer

  • 荣耀池新增锁仓量为 581530.6447 meer

故当期竞争激励的获得者为荣耀池,当期竞争激励为 32400 meer,平均分配给所有新增资金,附加收益率约为 5.57%。

截至第二期末,累积总锁仓总量为 1293863.31994935 meer,锁仓率为 35.94%。因此,第二期可获得的基础激励是 291600*50%=145800 meer,每个锁仓池各 72900 meer。

本期守卫池基础收益率最高为 14.76%(合年化 177.12%),最低为 2.95%(合年化 35.4%);荣耀池的基础收益率最高为 16.53%(合年化 198.36%),最低为 3.31%(合年化 39.72%)。

Qitmeer Umayyad Network 1.0 Operational Status and Lockup Profit Details (Period 2)

Note: Data collection for this series of reports is based on every 90,000 mainHeight, i.e. synchronized with the lockup period

Since the end of the first period (order=90013), until 2021-12-01 14:29:31 when the main chain height of 180000 (order=180616) has been reached,

  • The hashrate of the whole network is increasing fast, up to approximately 700TH/s, an increase of approximately 859% compared to.

  • Network concurrency has increased, with a cumulative concurrency rate of approximately 3.42‰.

  • PoW output amount is 906,030 meer and the cumulative mapping release amount during the period is about 844,892 meer, so the total actual output for the period is about 172,519 meer and the total cumulative production is about 3.47 million meer.

  • The on-chain transaction volume is about 5588211 meer, an increase of approximately 80.44% compared to.

The end block (order=180616, mainHeight=180000) of the second period has generated at 2021-12-01 14:29:31, the funds added to the locking pools in the mainHeight interval [90000, 180000) are included in the newly added amount of the second period.

For the second period, the total newly added amount of the two pools is 1061463.1744 meer.

  • The newly added amount for the Guard Pool is 479932.52970000 meer,

  • The newly added amount for the Honor Pool is 581530.64470000 meer

The current competitive incentive winner is the Honor Pool and receives a current competitive incentive of 32400 meer, which is divided equally among all new funds, with an additional return of approximately 5.57% .

The total cumulative lock amount is 1293863.31994935 meer until the end of the second period, and the staking rate is 35.94%. So the basic incentive available for the second period is 291600*50%= 145800 meer, 72900 meer for each pool.

For the current period, the highest basic profit rate of guard pool is 14.76%(annualized return 177.12% ) , and the lowest is 2.95%(annualized return 35.4%). And, the highest basic profit rate of honor pool is 16.53%(annualized return 198.36%) , and the lowest is 3.31%(annualized return 39.72%).

第二期收益明细【Details for Profit of the Second Period】