Qitmeer Wallet Protocol

The blockchain wallet itself does not store any digital currency, and is primarily a computer program for creating digital currency transactions, tracking balances, and making it easy for users to manage addresses and private keys.

Wallet software is the foundation of the whole blockchain ecological development, any industry service can be realized through a blockchain wallet value, block chain technology itself will reconstruct the traditional Internet business model in it’sown way. After the release of Qitmeer on Testnet and Mainnet, the authorities will release the wallet application for different users at the same time. For example, in the professional-oriented command line wallet, users only need to input corresponding commands according to relevant instructions to complete address generation, send transactions and other operations; Mobile terminal wallet for ordinary users. Users can easily and quickly complete relevant operations on their mobile phones just like other apps. Qitmeer just made it easy for all. https://www.qitmeer.io/

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