The Future of Asset Tokenisation

Tokenisation is in full accordance with Core Ethical and Islamic values, and is a key value driver in Qitmeer. With blockchain, records can be stored in a decentralised manner and all parties can access the same data instantaneously. With assets such as equity and real estate, blockchain can introduce fractional ownership.

Previously, you had to know someone working with the project or be an investor to get access to these types of returns. With digital securities, the entry barriers are lowered and when added with fee-less cross border payments, capital can be deployed quickly and efficiently, in a transparent manner.

The Unique Mintage Mechanism

Meer, the stable-coin on the network, gains its intrinsic value by energy consumption through PoW, which is the underlying consensus mechanism to mint coins on Qitmeer.

Therefore coin issuance without a foundation squeezes speculation and significantly improves the efficiency by the adoption of DAG.

With its multiple algorithm, Qitmeer lowers the entry barriers and allows anyone to participate in mining through CPU, parallel to GPU mining to establish a fair system with financial inclusion.

The intrinsic value of Meer can be appreciated through the increase of mining difficulties by mathematics model which realises the wisdom in the essence of Bitcoin.

The tokenisation of assets on Qitmeer requires a reserve of base currency Meer which restricts the speculation and prevents malicious activities, thereby optimising the Shariah compliance of Islamic Finance.


The HLC foundation have established a fully inclusive and balanced decision making process to serve an ecosystem of ethical finance in line with . the common values shared and practiced by the whole of humanity.

In addition, the governance and operation of the foundation have been significantly lifted through the active involvement and interactions with all the stakeholders and Qitmeer aims to be the driving force of this revolution in this new era on the planet