Upgrade of Qitmeer Medina Network soft fork at "MainHeight 238522"

Upgrade of Qitmeer Medina Network soft fork at “MainHeight 238522”

Dear Qitmeer Community Users, In accordance with the Qitmeer Network Development Plan, the Qitmeer Medina Network will witness the second major upgrade on September 15, 2020.

The upgrade will begin at MainHeight 238522 approximately at 12:00 noon on September 15, 2020. After the upgrade is complete, the network will only support the Qitmeer-keccak256 algorithm for mining, and the upgraded node version is qitmeer-0.9.2, version number is qitmeer version 0.9.2+release-7478571 (Go version go1.15).

The following is the details of this upgrade:

  • Adjusting qitmeer-keccak256 algorithm block scale to 100%.

  • Optimizing the DAG network.

  • Optimizing Block Maturity and Blue Block Determination of BlockDAG.

  • Added support for invalid transaction caching. To enable this feature, use the flag --cacheinvalidtx.

  • Database compatibility enhancement.

  • GBT Performance Enhancement.

  • Improvements to the block export tool fastibd.

This upgrade does not involve data structure modification, which is compatible with the current node version. The node maintainer will update to the latest version node, and will not clean up the data.

The latest node version of qitmeer-0.9.2 has been released, please update the latest node version. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Download the latest node version here(qitmeer-0.9.2):