What Qitmeercoin custodians needs to know

Qitmeer regards openness, fairness, fault tolerance, scalability as the core metrics to assess a promising blockchain paradigm, and a blockchain system achieved a desirable balance among these metrics is regarded as Classical Blockchain Setting.

Qitmeer Consensus picks SPECTRE as its fundamental protocol. SPECTRE is a fast confirmation and high throughput BlockDAG protocol, which guarantees high performance in a payment network. Additionally, Qitmeer introduces another high throughput BlockDAG protocol GhostDAG, which is highlighted on unprecedentedly supporting transactions linearly ordering, to circumvent SPECTRE’s weak liveness and provide ordering service for the fair scheme of the reward system.

Qitmeer Consensus is compliant with Classical Blockchain Setting - it could enter and leave network freely by Proof-of-Work, and the collaboration model of DAG ledger guarantees that miners gain rewards consistent with their devotion, 50% faulty tolerance as secure as bitcoin, robust scalability that is only subject to physical network limit. The mining algorithm is also a vital source of fairness other than consensus algorithm per se. As you all know the crypto ecosystem is evolving at a rate that’s is unpredictable, qitmeernetwork is always on the lookout in the space.