Why Qitmeer could be just the BEST

Qitmeer is the next generation public chain based on BlockDAG which is dedicated to serving the ecosystem of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible investment, thereby enhancing financial inclusion and creating social impact. In contrast to the competition model, BlockDAG’s collaboration model in the mining achieves a desirable balance of typical blockchain metrics among the security, openness, fairness and scalability.

The Qitmeer Network does not only have the blockchain solution to Islamic Finance, Banking and Sukuk Bonding but have the ability to determine the counterfeiting of a product which have flooded the market in recent years and so on.

The mining activities gives the crypto enthusiasts, noobs the opportunity to acquire the token at a very low rate just like how bitcoin started in 2009. It was nicknamed the Bitcoin of the Islamic World, with the motto as Bitcoin is right, Libra is left and Qitmeer in the middle.

Choosing Qitmeer Network now is a decision one will not regret for life.